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Amity Masonic Lodge No. 4 F.& A.M.
175 Main St., Silver City, NV 89428
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11332, Reno, NV. 89510-1332


AMITY LODGE #4 F & AM May 6th, AD 2021 AL 6021
Held in Beautiful Downtown Silver City, Nevada

Dinner was not served due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, a light snack that consisted of Pizza and cookies were available.

The Lodge opened at 7pm on the 1st Degree in Short Form with 17 Brothers Present.

Br: Scott Mount PM, WM
Br: Tony Martinez SW
Br: Nick Lazzarino II JW
Br: Ernest Zebal PM, Treasurer
Br: Robert Behling PM, Secretary
Br: Charles Sewchok, Chaplin
Br: Robert Ely PM, Marshall
Br: George Armstrong PM, SS
Br: Bob Jordan PM, PTSD
Br: Ray Bedford JD
Br: Mike Logue Tyler
Br: Ernest Zebal PM, Historian


PAST MASTERS PRESENT: Scott Mount, Bob Behling, Bob Jordan, Pedro Leon, Mike Cushing, Ernie Zebal, and Bob Hall #35


MINUTES: Read and approved.




COMMUNICATIONS: Read and discussed.

BILLS: Moved by Bob Behling PM, seconded by Chuck Sewchok and carried with no nays.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Education committee submitted the paperwork with the Secretary, who will forward it to the GL Education Committee. Our winner is Steven Middleton, who has been accepted at Arizona State, and wants to be an Airline Pilot. Good luck Steven.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: After discussion, the Trustees decided to deposit the gift from PM John Flangas into a CD/MM, since the Lodge is in good financial condition. Assessments were discussed, but deemed not needed.

NEW BUSINESS: Roll call commenced, and the results are in. 14 members were present, 24 are absent, and 18 were answered for, for a total of 56 members. The Secretary will reach out to GM Graver regarding his "pending" visit on September 1st. An Officer's practice was discussed, and will be announced at the June Stated. WM Scott mentioned that the Lyon County Commissioners will meet on May 7th regarding their program to reopening, noting that the statewide masking mandate remains in force at least June 1st.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: WM Scott said that we shall open on the 2nd Degree in June.
PM Ely said that PM Marv Richardson is having a pacemaker installed, and hopefully we shall see his smiling face in the near future. JW Nick reminded everyone that Mother's Day was this coming Sunday. The WM thanked JW Nick for his efforts in providing delicious snacks for the Brethren.

Finally, PM Bob Ely who once was a DeMolay in Cheyenne, Wyoming, gave our Public Schools Observance Presentation. Bob was a teacher in Laramie, Wyoming, and mentioned the school's participation in the Masonic youth programs. He reported that they did not have Rainbows in Laramie at that time, but had 1 DeMolay Chapter, and 2 Job's Daughters Bethels. Masons provided materials, and tutoring if needed for the schools, and were quite involved with the kids. The youth groups had excellent ritual work and had to be outstanding citizens to be involved.
The presentation was very interesting, and well received by the Brethren.

The Lodge then closed in peace and harmony at 8:06 PM and a good time was had by all.

____________________________________PM, Secretary


____________________ Master

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