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Amity Masonic Lodge No. 4 F.& A.M.
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AMITY LODGE #4 F & A M November 2nd, AD 2021 AL 6021

Held in Beautiful Downtown Silver City, Nevada

Dinner consisted of Salad, Bean Casserole, Chicken Stuffing (ala Norma), and Pie.

The Lodge opened at 7pm on the 1st Degree in Short Form with 16 Brothers Present.

Br: Tony Martinez PT, WM
Br: Nick Lazzarino II PT, SW
Br: Mike Cushing PM, PT, JW
Br: Ernest Zebal PM, Treasurer
Br: Robert Behling PM, Secretary
Br: Charles Sewchok Chaplin, DGL
Br: Bob Jordan PM, PT, SD
Br: Jim Ward, PT,JD
Br: George Armstrong PMSS, SS
Br: Pedro Leon PM, PT, JS
Br: Robert Ely PM, Marshall
Br: Mike Logue Tyler
Br: Ernest Zebal PM, Historian


PAST MASTERS PRESENT: Mike Cushing, George Armstrong, Bob Behling, Pedro Leon, Scott Mount, Bob Ely, Bob Jordan, Lee Cross, Ernie Zebal, and Taylor Rudkin #3 California


MINUTES: Read and approved as corrected.




COMMUNICATIONS: Read and discussed. PM Bob Ely will research the one resolution for Grand Lodge and report at Novemberís Stated.

BILLS: Moved by Bob Behling PM, 2nd by PM Ernie Zebal, and carried with no nays.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: PM Ely reported on the one Resolution before the GL. Those with votes are encouraged to listen to Jurisprudence and any discussions before deciding on now to vote. As a later note the Resolution receiving enough votes will carry over to 2022.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Get your reservation in for the Installation Dinner on the 18th of December on or before the December 2nd Stated. Cost is $40 per person, and make check payable to Amity Lodge.
The September dinner was put on hold, but a reincarnation of the Valentine's Dinner is tentatively scheduled for Saturday the 13th of February will be explored. WM PT Tony set a committee of Brothers Lazzarino, PM Ely, and Chuck Sewchok to set things in motion.
Brother were asked to check to see if they have any extra Lodge keys. If not, more will be made.

NEW BUSINESS: It was discussed that we invite our prospective candidates to our Installation and Dinner. Dinners will be paid by PMs Cross and Behling.

PM Ernie was elected our PM Representative at Grand Lodge.

SW Tony reported about possible participation in Dayton Valley Days in 2022.

The Secretary informed the Lodge that due to computer difficulties that the Lodge email had been changed to secofamity4@gmail.com, who also submitted a bill for $250 for technical support to regain email addresses and other files. The payment for support was approved with no nays.

The Past Masterís Degree, place and time TBD will be held on December 10th. That event is for Past Masters and Candidates only.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Elections will be held at December's Stated.
Dues notices will be going out soon.
Reminder that Daylight Savings Time ends on Saturday the 6th of November.
WM Scott was presented a photo of himself, and the Lodge Hall, created by WM PT Tony, and expertly framed by Mike Logue. WM Scott was Master for two difficult years due to COVID restrictions. The Lodge showed WM Scott appreciation with a standing ovation. PM Cushing, SW Tony, and JW Nick say they look forward to next year.
WM Scott commended the Brothers on their outstanding work at the meeting.

Masonic Education: WM PT Tony read a letter by Robert P. Tuttle that is held by the Henry Coil Library, Museum of Freemasonry. It was about the Great Great Grandson of Peter Light who's Mason Apron witnessed the battle of Valley Forge and other Revolutionary battles. The presentation was interesting, and well received by the Brethren. A copy of the letter is on file with the minutes.

The Lodge closed in peace and harmony at 7:55 PM, and a good time was had by all.

____________________________________PM, Secretary


____________________ Master

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