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Amity Masonic Lodge No. 4 F.& A.M.
175 Main St., Silver City, NV 89428
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11332, Reno, NV. 89510-1332


Masterís Message

I can hardly believe that it has been 6 months since I was installed as your Master. We have accomplished most of what we set out to do during that first 6 months. We had a successful Grand Masterís Official Visit. We honored our Masonic Youth, the Rainbow Girls Assembly from Sparks, and we presented our Scholarship to a Dayton High School Senior along with celebrating Public Education. We were able to pass a Fellow Craft and Raise a Master Mason. The only downfall was a miscommunication with the DeMolay Chapter in Reno. I am in contact with their Chapter to see if another visit is possible, either October or November. We have had one 50 year presentation and 3 more to follow. We have added 2 Plural Memberships in addition to the new member. We have, however, lost a couple of members through Voluntary Withdrawal. We do need new members, as do all the Lodges in our area.

I have been able to visit 6 Lodges and have found Masonry alive and well in Northern Nevada. One of those Lodges I visited was North Star Lodge # 168 in Wichita, Kansas. This is an AF & AM Lodge. They, like the lodges in England, do things a little different than we do, but the principals are all the same. I find it odd, that even though our Lodgeís originated from England, our Ritual Work is so very different. I am told this is because two different groups of Masons merged and took from both to have the Ritual they have today. We and the AF & AM Lodges have kept to the original concept, although, this concept depends on which state your Lodge followed. The AF & AM are from Pennsylvania and I believe that the F & AM are from New York. If you are traveling, be sure to try and visit a Lodge. It is very worthwhile.

We will be having our Annual Fun Night on Saturday 17 June 2017, and we changed how we will be doing the food preparation. I along with brothersí Jordan and Sewchock will be preparing the food. We hope this generates more revenue. Please attend if at all possible.

We continue to work on maintaining our building with the front porch roof being repaired. We are still waiting on another painting bid, in order that we can keep our building up to the standards of a quality Masonic Hall. Brothersí Leon and Cushing help with the care and upkeep of the grounds around our building.

Tasks for the upcoming months, are to have the DeMolay Chapter in for a visit, visits to 2 more Lodges, Grand Lodge in Las Vegas in November, and finally Elections in December.

This has truly been a lifetime experience for me and I am still very grateful that the membership allowed me to serve as Worshipful Master of this great Lodge. The Lodge is in great hands with the leadership coming through the chairs and I have no doubt, that the Lodge will continue its success.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bob Ely - Worshipful Master

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